Charter Internet® - The best money can buy

Charter, through its internet service provides Charter Internet at high speeds which allows customers to stream videos, download music, surf, e-mail and much more without sacrificing Internet performance. The network technologies are constantly upgraded and that makes the Internet connections stable and highly reliable. Charter Internet services are some of the best money can buy.

Charter Internet prices vary by plan. The plans are designed to suit the needs and to fit within the budget of all walks of life. The basic plan offers download speeds of up to 30 Mbps. It is ideal for most users who are into online shopping, bill payment, chatting, email communications and surfing. Even for users who want to share photos or download music and stream online videos, this plan is a good choice. More serious users who are into downloading movies or transferring large files may fair best with these basic plans that offer high download speeds at these low rates.

Graphic designers and gamers who are into multiplayer online gaming love the plans that offer high download speeds. At such speeds, there would absolutely be no lag during game play. Transferring large amounts of data can also be easy and it drastically reduces your wait time. You can use the Charter Internet speed test to check your bandwidth.

Charter Internet also includes the Charter Security Suite® with your new subscription. The Charter Security Suite is a comprehensive security solution used for protection against potential threats. The security suite automatically detects viruses and malware and quarantines them. It also detects hacker attacks and stops spam. With great features like these, it is natural that Charter Internet reviews are largely positive all over the Internet.

Charter also offers access to ESPN3, through which sports can be streamed. There are over 3,500 live telecasts each year and users can access archives of past matches and highlights. Sports lovers will find ESPN3 very useful and entertaining. Charter includes 10 email accounts, which is enough for the whole family. The email accounts can be configured on email clients like Apple’s Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Thunderbird. The emails can be accessed through the Web service from anywhere.

By subscribing to Charter, users also can access exclusive content found on Charter’s website that include local news, weather reports, movie listings and a lot more. Additionally, Charter Internet includes access to Epix™, which offers movies online. Users can choose from over 10,000 On Demand shows, movie titles and stream them online.

When the Internet service is integrated with a smart TV, users can access online content right through the television. For example, pictures posted on popular photo sharing networks like Flickr and videos from YouTube can be accessed through the smart TV. Even movies can be watched online. If you have Charter’s phone service, the phone can be managed through a Web portal. Even voicemails can be accessed from anywhere, at home or on the go. In short, Charter Internet problems are literally zero, as the connection is always on and always fast.