Choosing a Wireless Router to Work with Charter Internet®

Charter Communications is an American telecom company, who provides the masses with superior Cable, Internet, and Phone services. They also provide a selection of routers, so that choosing a wireless router to work with Charter Internet, will be a breeze

In an effort to allow its consumers to access the Internet with nary a hindrance, Charter has an array of network plans, to cater to an eclectic range of requirements.

Along with a selection of speed rates that range up to 30 Mbps, they also offer us additional features, to enhance our experience all the more.

  • Highly Secure

By employing state-of-the-art ‘security solutions’, the Charter Security Suite® ensures to help keep you protected all through, from privacy intrusions, hackers, and viruses.

  • Boost your Speed

With their PowerBoost® feature, one can acquire extra speed for faster functionality of the Internet.

  • Email Accounts

Charter Internet is inclusive of 10 personal email accounts, with about 1GB of storage space each. They can be accessed via any Internet connection.

  • ESPN3

You can now access current scores, or watch live games online, free of cost, with ESPN3. Signing up for a Charter Internet connection, gives one automatic access to do so.

In order to do justice to their various Network plans, Charter also offers us an assortment of routers that vary in terms of our requirements.

A router is a device that directs your network traffic by breaking it down into smaller data packets. Wireless routers enable various wireless gadgets to connect to the Internet, at the same time.

In order to ascertain which router would provide you with the best connectivity experience, one must keep in mind the following features, when purchasing one.

  • Higher Speed Rate.

A high router speed rate will not boost the speed of your Internet connection. It merely allows a smoother functioning, the higher it is.

  • Long Warranty

Choose a router that provides you with a longer warranty package, as it is proof of the company’s dedication to ensure that you have nothing but the best.

  • Brand

Buy a renowned brand, as their popularity is based on their superior performance.

  • Avoid Hearsay

Bear in mind that network performance varies from person to person, as signal strength differs in terms of various factors, like environment, surrounding gadgets, et al. Hence, one can’t base their judgment solely upon public opinion.

Ideally, it would be advisable for one to purchase a router of the same Network Provider. As they tailor and test their service, in accordance to the equipment provided by them, one can be assured of exceptional performance.

For further details on Charter’s Internet service, you may contact the number on this website.